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Gifts for Writers: Do Not Disturb Sign

Do Not Disturb signSometimes, more than anything else, writers just need to write undisturbed. This is definitely the case for me. I have giant noise-cancelling headphones that I love, and those are my subtle “do not disturb” sign.

But then there are times when that’s not an option. At work, I have to listen for the phones, so I can’t put on headphones and tune out the world. And for times like that, a simple do not disturb sign can be great.

This doesn’t even have to be anything elaborate. And Mary Robinette Kowal has a fantastic sign that she uses to indicate whether she’s working, doing something else, or goofing off. (You’d be amazed how similar the expressions on the faces of writers can be when they are doing any of these things.)

So if you’re looking for a truly last minute gift for a writer, fire up the printer and make them a Do Not Disturb sign. They may appreciate more than you would think!

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