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It occurred to me last night that while I’m not writing a lot of stories lately, I’ve been doing some other writing that might be of interest to some of my readers.

The first is that I’ve been playing and running games on Storium. This is the first time I’ve done much with an online RPG, so there are parts of it that have been really eye-opening. But it’s also been a whole lot of fun. We started out by making some small games for people we knew to mess around with the system, and since then, I’ve made a custom game that has 7 people I don’t even know playing it and having a blast! We’re also using it to be able to game with people who live locally, but who have schedules that make it difficult to game in person.

Storium is running a Kickstarter right now, which ends in a couple more days, and they’ve more than surpassed their initial goal, which means there are going to be worlds from all kinds of really awesome people! Personally, I’m looking forward to In Nomine, which is a game I’ve always wanted to play, but never gotten to!

Second, I made a thing. The Adventures of Captain Tight Pants and Lil Wil. It’s a web “comic” starring two of my plush toys, but also featuring many of the other plush toys and other random things I have around the apartment. I put “comic” in quotes because it’s all photography, rather than drawn. But I guess it’s arguably a comic. And while it’s maybe not a traditional story, it still involves a lot of thinking and plotting. I’m still learning quite a bit about working in this format, so it’s a bit rough right now. But with time, I think it’ll improve. (And maybe someday Nathan Fillion and/or Wil Wheaton will find it, and then my day will be made. 🙂 )

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