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Fun for Friday: Three Visionary Images

| July 10, 2020

Today’s image prompts are all inspired by the word “vision.” The first image is of a blue “telescope” of the sort that are often found near scenic viewpoints, where you can insert coins to have a more binocular view of a distant point. But in this case, the “telescope” is upside down in the image, […]

Fun for Friday: Fireworks, from a Different Perspective

| July 3, 2020

Most readers of this blog have probably seen fireworks in person at some point in their lives. If you haven’t seen them live, you’ve probably seen video of fireworks. Or, if you haven’t seen them, you may have heard them or felt their booms rattle through your body. But imagine if you had never seen, […]

Fun for Friday: July 2020 Writing Prompts

| June 26, 2020

In the northern hemisphere, we’re headed toward summer, with many locales already seeing summer temperatures. In the meantime, I’m sure the southern hemisphere is getting well into winter (though I know fewer people there commenting on the weather). For July, I’ve got prompts about summer, but also some drawn from various July art challenges and […]

Fun for Friday: Writing Challenges!

| June 19, 2020

If you’re looking for something to shake up your writing routine, check out these 8 creative writing challenges. While some are linked to a specific time frame, others can be used as you see fit!  

Fun for Friday: Three Fantastical Images

| June 12, 2020

Three fantastical images today for your writing inspiration! The first image is from a Cirque du Soleil performance, and it involves one performer in a green bodysuit contorting themself into what looks like a growing plant, while a person in the background plays music. The second image is a closeup of a lotus flower, which […]

Fun for Friday: Creative Writing Exercises

| June 5, 2020

If you’re looking for some writing exercises you could work on to get your brain in gear, check out these 10 creative writing exercises. They aren’t geared toward any specific genre, which means there are thousands of directions you could take them in!

Fun for Friday: June 2020 Writing Prompts!

| May 29, 2020

Another month is behind us, and soon we’ll be halfway through the year. So here are some writing prompts for you to enjoy in June! They’re a fairly random mix of words, several of which could be read several different ways. Check back on the last Friday of each month (or occasionally the first day […]

Fun for Friday: Writing Prompts on Different Themes

| May 22, 2020

Here’s a cool site with writing prompts along different themes: 105 Creative Writing Prompts. So if you’re in the mood for writing something funny, or if you’re looking for something for kids to write about, they’ve got options!  

Fun for Friday: Hearts and Sunsets

| May 15, 2020

For this week’s Fun for Friday photo prompts, we’ve got a mix of hearts and sunsets. The first photo is a pink heart on a black background. The right hand side of the heart is transforming into zeroes and ones. The second photo is a person with long dark hair, wearing a hat and scarf, […]

Fun for Friday: Urban Legends from Every State

| May 8, 2020

If you’re looking for inspiration for a horror story or other creepy tale, check out this list of the scariest urban legends from each state. Having lived in three different states, I admit I hadn’t heard any of the urban legends from any of those states. But we definitely had more localized urban legends in […]