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Stephen Fry on Poetry

I recently learned that in 2005, comedian and actor Stephen Fry published a book about writing poetry, something he does as a hobby. Though I write my poetry for publication, I thought it might be delightful to learn about writing poetry from someone I adore so much. So I picked up a copy of the book for my Kindle!

I’m planning to work through this book slowly, because I feel like it’s a very dense tome that needs to be savored, not rushed through. And rather than review this book as a whole, I’m going to talk about what I’m learning from it every few weeks.

If you’d like to read along, you can findĀ The Ode Less Travelled (and get it in whatever format you like best–if only I could listen to audiobooks, Stephen Fry is the narrator for the audio version!). At this point, I’ve only read the introduction, and will be working through Section I of Chapter 1 (on meter) for my next post!


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