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“The Sky Rock” in Old Legends and New Fables

Sometimes, you’ve just got to write a silly story with talking birds and poop as the punchline. And that is, in its essence, “The Sky Rock.” It’s a very irreverent look at what Huginn and Muninn, Odin’s ravens, might get up to while they’re surveying the world for their boss.

It’s a slightly different tone than many of my stories take, even the ones that are slightly sillier. And amusingly, this is a Drawlloween story, based on the prompt of “raven”, most likely. But as is often the case, my Drawlloween stories aren’t always Halloween related, lest I wind up with a pile of Halloween stories, which would be difficult to sell!

You can read “The Sky Rock” in Old Legends and New Fables, or you can listen to it at The Centropic Oracle, where it was originally podcast!

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