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Cover art for The Trouble with the Tick-Tock TabbyI write quite a bit of stuff for younger readers, but much of that is short stories that are scattered here, there, and everywhere, including throughout my collections. But I also have two books that are explicitly for younger readers.

The Trouble with the Tick-Tock Tabby is a middle grade book featuring girl detectives Chrysanthemum and Marigold Marsh. The setting is a steampunk Victorian era. The characters are 9 and 12 years old, which skews toward the younger end of middle grade, but the reading level is considered right for middle grade. However, for younger kids who don’t read at that level, this is also a fun chapter book for a parent or caregiver to read to or with a younger child. The plot does have a couple of scary for kids moments, including a scene in which the girls are kidnapped, but they are able to escape safely.

The Spiders of the Shifting Swamp is my other children’s book, and this one is a children’s picture book that I also illustrated! It’s a fantasy story in which spiders run a shop and interact with other swamp creatures. The reading level is about right for younger grade school children, but again, it’s a great book to read to younger kids. (And it’s not a rhyming book, so maybe not too bad for adults to enjoy reading aloud!) The primary scary bits for kids in this book are a missing adult spider, but again, he’s saved safely!

Both of these books are available in print, but because of the illustrations, The Spiders of the Shifting Swamp is ONLY available in print, while The Trouble with the Tick-Tock Tabby can also be purchased as an ebook!

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