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Fun for Friday: August 2021 Writing Prompts!

A red vein Indian mallow (Abutilon striatum) plant

It’s the end of July, so it’s time for the August 2021 writing prompts!

The words this month come from all over the place, but there are quite a few summer words tossed in to suit the month. You can focus your writing on the dog days of summer or on the fleeting freedom before the new school year begins, but either way, there are three options to look at separately or all together to see what strikes you!

You’ll also notice that some of the days have something that might be construed as a genre as one of the prompts, but don’t feel like you have to stick with the conventions of that genre. In fact, perhaps the other words will inspire you to go against the grain instead of with it!

Check back on the last Friday of each month (or occasionally the first day of a new month, when that falls on a Friday) for my History That Never Was writing prompts!

Day Word 1 Word 2 Word 3
1 boat fire old
2 glad physical treasure
3 bodyguard spell famous
4 dirigible coffee forward
5 belief town Victorian
6 blood age sunset
7 road trip single wonder
8 last family dance
9 watch rival sadness
10 symbol criminal eyes
11 appointed better future
12 ranch winner music
13 tour arrangement power
14 need garden pirate
15 detective pool best
16 cool royal surprise
17 room circus joker
18 childhood laugh beach
19 holiday monster goal
20 map smile hospital
21 flower shop test checklist
22 locked apocalypse field
23 pet tree model
24 angel celebrate sunglasses
25 ostrich tattoo lifeguard
26 event hero soul
27 magical pride ladybug
28 hummingbird combine trade
29 importance directions college
30 late fantasy advice
31 dream book modern

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