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The Brass and Glass Trilogy

It’s been just over three years since the second book in my¬†Brass and Glass trilogy came out, making it about four years and two years for the other two books. It remains the most ambitious project I’ve completed to date, and it all came from a short story about a wild goose chase for a cask of whiskey, which everyone thought seemed like it was only part of the story.

In the end, they were right. The story turned out to be about a cask of whiskey (Brass and Glass: The Cask of Cranglimmering), a map (Brass and Glass 2: The Long-Cursed Map), and a long-lost treasure (Brass and Glass 3: The Boiling Sea). It also wound up being about a small group of people who were as close as family, in spite of coming from a wide array of backgrounds, and the other folks they adopted along the way (including a robot, who sometimes was the most human of them all).

I’ve read recently that publishers believe that steampunk is dead, but I think there’s still room for a steampunk trilogy in the world, and I’m glad mine is out there!

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