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Barren Available for Pre-Order!

My latest novella, Barren, which comes out April 6, is now available for pre-order!

Barren is a post-apocalyptic novella with an older woman as the protagonist. This is an apocalypse caused by climate change and the failure of the ecosystem. Major themes in the book include love and loss, against a backdrop of the struggle to survive in a world where food is scarce and dangerous.

The oceans rose, plant life withered, and humans could no longer reproduce. Now, years later, Lemy has found evidence of a place impacted only by the ocean rise. But the politics are even more treacherous than they were at home. With only a child to trust, she must navigate this new landscape to keep herself and Sky alive.

At present, Barren will only be available in ebook format, but I may publish it in paperback as well at a later date.

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