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New Poetry and Story Out

Fire breathing two-dimensional dragonI’ve got a couple of new pieces that came out in February!

My poem, “The Dragon’s Hoard,” appeared at Heroic Fantasy Quarterly, and features a dragon with an unusual hoard. This poem was inspired by the idea of a book wyrm as opposed to a bookworm.

I also have my flash fiction piece, “Orbit 41,” out at Reflex Press. This story was inspired by a challenge that had you look at Wikipedia for your birth year and find an interesting event to work into a story. In 1975 (yes, I’ve just admitted I’m old), India launched their first satellite, but they lost communication with it soon after (specifically, on it’s 41st orbit). However, as is the nature of satellites, it remained orbiting the Earth. So I speculated an alternate history where it stopped communicating with Earth and instead communicated with an alien life form of some sort, while the Russians, who were also keeping tabs on the satellite in conjunction with India, kept the secrets of that communication to themselves. It’s an unusual flash fiction piece in that it’s told in three scenes, with three different points of view, but I really loved how it turned out, and I’m so happy to have found it a home!2

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