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“For the Weird Girls Who Want to be Mermaids” in What If I’m a Merfolk?

My story “For the Weird Girls Who Want to be Mermaids” was one of those stories that came from an imaginative mind and a bit of the real world. What if that dry patch of skin wasn’t actually dry skin, but was scales finally emerging from beneath your human skin? And what are the choices you’d be faced with as you gradually become more and more like a mermaid?

This story is told in the second person, which a lot of authors and editors recommend not to do, but it seemed like the perfect voice for this particular story. It did prove to be a difficult sell, but it appeared in print not too long before it came out inĀ What If I’m a Merfolk? It’s a flash fiction story, so it’s a quick and (hopefully) delightful read!


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