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Resilience as a Tool for Writers

When you’re a writer pursuing publication, whether it’s for stories, poetry, or novels, there are plenty of factors pushing you to stop. It’s tough to get published, and it requires a bit of a thick skin to understand that rejections are not the end of the world.

The same resilience that keeps writers submitting their writing and receiving rejection is also necessary to keep writing new things even while awaiting news on the things you’ve already finished. Sure, you could only write one thing and then keep working on it and trying to find a home for it, but you won’t really grow as a writer by doing that. By writing new things, and trying new ideas, your writing will improve, and you’ll increase your chances of future success.

This is an important fact to keep in mind in the face of rejection–don’t give up, and keep getting better until your writing is the absolute best it can be. And then keep writing after that, too, because you will continue to improve until you stop!

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