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Fun for Friday: October 2020 Writing Prompts

It’s my favorite time of the year: Halloween! I’m ready for lots of spooky writing prompts and other autumnal delights!

This month, the words in the first column come from Millennial Boss’s Simple Drawing Prompts. Words in the second column are the words that I’ve come up with, steering clear of the October theme of the other two columns to cut down on duplication. And the words in the third column are from Mab’s Drawlloween Club, which I’ve been using as my October prompts for a couple of years now.

Check back on the last Friday of each month (or occasionally the first day of a new month, when that falls on a Friday) for my History That Never Was writing prompts!

Day Word 1 Word 2 Word 3
1 Fruit Impact Werewolf
2 Bat Apathy Pumpkin
3 Candy Ash Changeling
4 Ghost Settle Poison
5 Shoes Calorie Witch
6 Stormy Witness Familiar
7 Mask Opponent Vampire
8 Foliage Accumulation Tarot
9 Cat Coincide Gorgon
10 Mushroom Problem Hellhound
11 Witch Toss Skeleton
12 Acorn Comment Grave
13 Lighthouse Cafe Pukwudgie
14 Bug Bin Extraterrestrial
15 Jack o’ Lantern Point Nightcrawler
16 Vampire Hierarchy Goblin
17 Moon Mechanism Frankenstein
18 Web First-Hand Undead
19 Candle Sketch Apothecary
20 Orange Silence Fur
21 Mummy Sink Yokai
22 Autumn Struggle Wizard
23 Magic Cane Cryptid
24 Sunflower Relax Winged
25 Fox Budge Puppet
26 Owl Window Batsquatch
27 Elf Enhance Lagoon
28 Mermaid Contact Haunted
29 Creepy Clown Sphere Hydra
30 Bones Tongue Mask
31 Scary Training Reaper

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