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Fun for Friday: June 2020 Writing Prompts!

Another month is behind us, and soon we’ll be halfway through the year. So here are some writing prompts for you to enjoy in June! They’re a fairly random mix of words, several of which could be read several different ways.

Check back on the last Friday of each month (or occasionally the first day of a new month, when that falls on a Friday) for my History That Never Was writing prompts!

Day Word 1 Word 2 Word 3
1 loud condition carapace
2 swim peanut inn
3 consensus covered slide
4 vine export buds
5 floral dry instinct
6 authority plane kind
7 cave choke stagnant
8 winter feel printer
9 friendly challenge gross
10 scream projection equinox
11 opposite ignore spine
12 soil serenity dust
13 water hour moon
14 mother sneeze urgency
15 physical onyx height
16 appear grief clearing
17 twin lead sky
18 fret present ignorant
19 kiss west bland
20 hotel lock dairy
21 damage blood cuisine
22 care belt work
23 salted smooth check
24 apology hotter remove
25 clean beat vegetable
26 calm loss rider
27 harsh mountain open
28 writing incentive desert
29 skate medium strip
30 quote shame enemy

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