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Volatile Figments: Darkness, Light, and Muses?

Candle reflected in a mirrorOne of the stories inĀ Volatile Figments, “Terpsichore,” started out when I realized how creepy a dance studio looks when it’s dark and there’s only a small source of light reflecting off the mirrors. From there, it spun into a ritual performed in a dance studio, and the creepy aftermath.

At only 928 words, “Terpsichore” is a tiny story, but it packs a lot of punch into those words. I’d say it’s one of the creepier stories I’ve written, honestly. There’s enough of a supernatural element to the story that it doesn’t seem realistic, but it might be the sort to make you want to keep bright lights shining on mirrors to make sure there aren’t otherworldly things lurking in the darkness.

If you’d prefer to listen to “Terpsichore,” you can do that at the Manawaker Studios podcast.


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