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“Safe Haven” Now Out!

Cover art for Five Minutes at Hotel StormcoveFive Minutes at Hotel Stormcove released today, and I’ve got a flash fiction piece, “Safe Haven,” included in this anthology. The premise for the anthology was that your story had to take place during a specific five minutes in the history of this unusual hotel, which has been around for as long as anyone can remember, and exists into the future as well.

My story involves a guest coming in who urgently needs a very specific sort of room. It’s a bit on the silly side, in spite of the urgency. I read “Safe Haven” at the Broad Universe reading at Norwescon, and was pleased to get some laughs here and there, especially at the end.

The anthology is chock full of stories (almost 60 of them), with a wide variety of topics, from a bunch of really great authors! I’m so happy to have my story included in this bunch!

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