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Fun for Friday: 52 Weeks of Photo Writing Prompts

Out of focus figure behind a rain splattered windowDid you know that when it comes to images as writing prompts, your brain has an easier time coming up with an idea when there’s more than one image involved?

That’s what author and editor John Matthew Fox explains in his post containing 52 weeks of writing prompts. By having three disparate images for each prompt, your brain will start making connections between the images, and as you make those connections, your ideas will work toward giving you a unique story.

You can also do this with images other than the ones in this post. I know a lot of authors who tear out interesting images from magazines and keep a file folder of those. Every once in a while, they sift through the folder and see what sparks an idea. You can do this digitally, too, with something like Pinterest, or by opening multiple tabs for Wikipedia articles and focusing only on the images contained within. (Though you may need more than three Wikipedia pages to get three images.)

Any way you find your images, try using more than one for the best idea generation!

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