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Milky Way

I’ve already had a couple of short story sales in 2019, which is fantastic news!

My flash fiction piece, “Brick-Red Love,” will be published in The Arcanist in April. This was one of my Drawlloween pieces that I’ve finished, and I’m happy to find it a home.

The other story I’ve sold is “Earworm,” which will appear in the Space Opera Libretti anthology that should be out around August 2019. When I saw the anthology call, I was really excited by it, but I didn’t have any good ideas at first. Then Jeremy started showing my K-pop videos for a new band he’d discovered, and suddenly, I had a story. Though the final version of the story may not entirely belie its roots, I know in my heart that I have two VERY different Korean pop girl groups to thank for the end result.

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