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Volatile Figments: The Less Spooky

Lady JusticeWhile most of the stories that appear in Volatile Figments are pretty spooky, the least spooky of the bunch is probably “Justice is Blind.” There’s a girl with psychic powers and a doctor doing unethical experimentation, but there aren’t really any creepy critters lurking in the shadows. It’s much more about human beings. That doesn’t keep it from being creepy, though, as the things happening in the story have their roots in plausibility, even if the details are probably strictly in the realm of fantasy.

If that’s the sort of almost-horror that you enjoy, you should check out “Justice is Blind.” It was published as a stand-alone story by Bards and Sages’ Society of Misfit Stories, and is no longer available in that format. But it also appears in my collection, Volatile Figments, along with five other stories!

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