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Gifts for Writers: Planning Books!

Minimalist planner bookWriters often have a lot of projects to keep track of. And while there are a lot of different ways to keep track of those projects, I’ve recently become a big fan of paper planners. (Though I still keep My Giant Spreadsheet of Doom too.)

With my paper planner, I can keep notes on the things I’ve accomplished. Because I’m a sticker fan, I also decorate my planner book with stickers as a sort of reward/commemoration of my successes. That way, if I’m feeling down, I can look at a week and say, “hey, look at all the things I’ve done this week!”

I really like this Minimalist Day Planner┬ábecause it gives me even more sticker opportunities. I’ve decorated both the front and back covers with all sorts of cute stickers, and I’ve added some on the interior pages already as well. It’s also set up to work well as a bullet journal, for writers who use that method of organization.

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