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Fun for Friday: Turning Drawing Prompts into Writing Prompts

Tree drawn by writing many wordsOften times when I’m looking for a random inspiration for something to write, I turn to lists that are designed for artists who want random prompts for daily drawings. It’s not that difficult to turn a drawing prompt into a writing prompt. Instead of drawing whatever is on the list, you can write a story about that thing, you can include it as an element in a story, or you can write what a character you’re writing thinks about the thing.

A great source for these lists are websites that post monthly daily drawing lists. Sometimes, they are themed toward the month–for example, Drawlloween¬†takes place in October, and the drawing prompts are themed toward Halloween. Other times, like for Inktober, they’re just a collection of words to prompt someone to draw. Or, in this case, write!

Sketchbook Skool¬†offers monthly lists of drawing prompts, along with other mini assignments. So if you’re at a loss about what to write today, check out their latest posts to get some inspiration!

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