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High plains in OklahomaOne of the stories in Unfixed Timelines that I most enjoyed writing was “Veli tis Artemidos.” I got to combine western history with Greek mythology, and it still made just as much sense as what really happened!

The short version of the story is that the town of Beer City, in the Oklahoma Panhandle, killed their sheriff in the 1890s. His body was riddled with bullets. But the reason he was killed could have been one of several. And though it’s clear that multiple shooters were involved, only one individual took the blame for the sheriff’s death.

So I got to play a fun game of “what if” to write “Veli tis Artemidos.” What if the sheriff was shot by so many people was because of a little bit of magic? And what form would that magic take?

If you’d like to read more about Beer City, or read my story of the fictional explanation for the weirdness, check out Unfixed Timelines!

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