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Fun for Friday: Twitter Bots

Are you on Twitter? If you are, and you like weird stuff (which I suspect you might, since you found your way here), you may enjoy following some of the many “bots” on Twitter.

For writers in particular, I’ve found that there are some really wonderful and weird bots that can be used for prompts, characters, settings, and more. Here are a few of my favorites!

Writing Prompts – @howboutyouwrite: Fairly straightforward writing prompts. Some require a bit of knowledge of pop culture, but many of them do not. Occasionally pieces get left out, due to the programming of the bot, and they can be the funniest ones.

Magic Realism Bot – @MagicRealismBot: If you prefer your prompts a little more surreal, the Magic Realism Bot has you covered. When one of these makes logical sense, it’s a strange day.

Unknown People – @neighbour_civs: This one is a recent addition to the bots I follow, but it gives you prompts for groups of people. They look to be mostly for fantasy settings, but that may not entirely be the case.

If you’ve got other fun bots you like to follow, share the links in the comments!

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