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October recap

By the numbers:
Stories out at the beginning of the month: 5
Acceptances received: 0
Rejections received: 3
Stories withdrawn: 0
Resubmissions: 2
New Submissions: 0
Stories out at the end of the month: 4

The October update is a bit late in arriving because I’ve been busily NaNo-ing. I have, however, written almost 8,000 words in 4 days, which is a great start. I should hit 10,000 tonight, and then slow down for a few days while I go to my regular November gaming convention.

As for the short stories, there really wasn’t much going on in October. I got three rejections, and turned two of those around as resubmissions. The third is one that I’m sitting on for a bit. It’s going to be hard to find the right market for it, so I’m just sort of idly looking, while eyeballing a deadline that’s a bit farther out–far enough out that I don’t want to submit the story just yet, but it might end up being the best fit for that story.

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