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Jumping on the Kanbanpad wagon

Last week, I spotted a tweet from Carrie Cuinn about Kanbanpad as an organizational tool. I’m a sucker for organizational tools, so I hopped on over to her blog post to read about it. She, in turn, had gotten her inspiration for using Kanbanpad for a writing organizational tool from John Remy. I liked what I saw both on the Kanbanpad site and in these two blog posts, so I decided to give it a whirl.

This is kind of awesome! While it doesn’t replace all of the functionality of the Google doc spreadsheet that I use to schedule what I should be working on any given day, it does give me (another) nice visual way to look at all of my projects and see what I should be working on. I’ve set up a color coding system for the various types of things I might be working on (reviews, short stories in various states of done, longer pieces, less coherent ideas) and also for things I’ve submitted (red means they’ve been out there a while, and green is for more recently submitted pieces).

I’m still looking for the ultimate organization tool, which will let me keep track of my day to day schedule, the days I have an extended period of time to write, and the projects that I should be working on. Kanbanpad is lacking some of that functionality, but it definitely helps with the quick glance picture!

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