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Time to Retreat!

In just a few more hours, my ride arrives to drop me off at my other ride, which will then take me to a writer’s retreat. We’ve got 9 women writers who are renting a house for the long weekend in order to get some writing done. I’ve personally got seven different projects that I should work on, plus reading a book so that I can eventually review it.

I’ve never done a writer’s retreat before, but I think this will be a good learning experience. We’ve got various levels of “writers” represented in the group–published novelists, aspiring novelists, successful short story writers, aspiring short story writers, and people who just love to write. I think I’m still in the aspiring categories, looking up to the successful types. But at the same time, I know that what I have accomplished already is nothing to sneeze at. Still, I’m looking forward to picking the brains of other writers, in the hopes of improving my own writing.

One of the appeals of this particular location is that we won’t have internet while we’re there. I can only imagine how much more productive that will make me. Though it has presented a slight challenge, because it means that I had to download all of the files that I normally keep hovering in the cloud (mostly as attachments in my E-mail). I write on my laptop, my desktop, and sometimes my phone. But for this weekend, I need everything in one place, including my random notes that I love to E-mail myself and a previously published story that I need for reference purposes. I also have to have my music (useful for shutting out distractions sometimes) on my iPod, since I won’t be able to use Pandora. So while we may be without the internet, I still have a rather tech-heavy bag that I’m taking with me, between my laptop, my Kindle, and my iPod. Hopefully, I can keep the tech from distracting me. 🙂


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