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NaNo Day… um, what day is it?

So first, I realized that I didn’t want to write my vampire novel. Okay, that’s fixable.

Then, I cobbled together an outline for my YA steampunk novel, and it looked awesome. But then I started writing. And I was writing about 1,000 word chapters, because that’s what felt right. But when you only have 25 chapters spelled out, 1,000 words a chapter does not a 50K novel make.

So I decided to go for just finishing the novella that I had outlined, which I expected would clock in around 30K. Not bad, I figured. And better than last year’s final word count (which was around 3K, I think).

And then we hit Thanksgiving. Which was actually my best writing day this November (3,600 words). But then I got bored, and didn’t want to work on my novel. And then I had a craft show for two days. And then I got hooked on researching non-direct family lines adjacent to my husband’s family tree (talk about procrastination).


I’ve got just over 23K words written. I have six theoretical chapters left to write. And there is tonight, and tomorrow left in November. I think this is where I officially admit that I have given up.

In a strange turn of events, I finally figured out how to make the vampire novel work better. Sigh.

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