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What I’m working on

I’m posting this up for the world to see, in the hopes that it will help me to stay on target.

  • Title pending (fantasy with a slight tinge of horror): About 1,400 words in. I’ve tentatively outlined out what the remaining scenes need to be, and now I just have to write them. I’m hoping to put in an hour or so in tonight, tomorrow, and Sunday, which should finish up the first draft. Then it’s off to the hubbie for comments and then revisions. I’ve got a list of potential markets lined up already for submitting this story too. Target date for sending it out: 9/15.
  • Vodyanoy (sci-fi/horror rewrite): This story has actually been submitted once. But it needs some heavy revisions, and then it’ll go off to the places on my list of potential markets for it (which, of course, differs slightly from the list for Story 1). Hoping to get it squared away by about 9/24, probably with revisions to follow that.
  • The Singular Situation of the Side-Show Scoundrel (steampunk/Marsh sisters): I’ve worked on two different versions of this story, but neither of them had quite the satisfying conclusion that I wanted. Granted, it can be a little hard to have a couple of young girls solve a crime and see it to its full logical conclusion, but I think I have a plan for this one now. My target date for finishing it is 10/1, and then revise it during the next week.
  • Untitled Marsh sisters story (steampunk/Marsh sisters): This is another one that I started, based on some really neat imagery. On the first pass, it was going to stretch out to something quite a bit longer. So I figured out how to scale it back to something more of a short story length. I’m going to try to finish this one up by 10/7, and then revise it the following week.
  • Not sure about the title (post-apocalyptic YA): I’m working on this one with a specific market in mind, which means it needs to be done and polished before the end of October. I’ve got a couple of paragraphs written, and I already know that they need a lot of revision. But it was one of those things where I had to get the ideas out of my brain before it exploded. So yeah. It’s still simmering in my brain in terms of the exact plot, but it might turn out pretty bleak if I go the direction I’m thinking of currently.

I’m fairly undecided about NaNo for this year. I enjoyed it in 2009, which was my first time doing it. But then in 2010, when I was going to do National Short Story Writing Month (an idea of my own devising, which was 50,000 words of short stories), I flopped miserably. This year, I’ve been setting up a whole lot of craft shows, which could make my November more of National Crocheting Month (I’m sure I can pass 50,000 stitches!). I also don’t have any strong ideas, so I’d be tempted to poke at my 2009 piece or work on more Marsh sisters. But I might be all Marsh sister-ed out by then!

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