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Although I’ve published a lot of books, there’s only one sci-fi book in the mix, and it’s the most recent one! New Moons Under Which to Sleep is a collection containing previously published sci-fi short stories, flash fiction pieces, and a couple of poems, joined by a couple of poems that were new to the collection.

I’ve had a handful of other sci-fi pieces come out this year, either just before the collection was put together, or shortly after.

Corporate Career Counselling Construct,” podcast at The Centropic Oracle (April 2021), looks at the idea of using a tarot card reading operated by a corporate-minded AI.

“The Garden Trellis” and “Terraformer of Bigotry” in Utopia Science Fiction (April 2021) are a couple of unrelated poems but that both looks at the exploration and exploitation of space from a different perspective.

And “The Message,” which is just recently out from, Star*Line (July 2021), is a poem about interstellar communication and expectations.


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