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Cover Reveal for Barren!

The next book I’ll be publishing this year isĀ Barren, a post-apocalyptic novella. This novella has been a long time in the making. It started as a short story that many people thought felt like the beginning of something longer. I tried to make it a novel, but novella wound up being the length it worked best at. It’s a meaty novella–nearly 40,000 words–but that’s still novella territory.

The book follows Lemy, an older woman who manages to grow crops indoors in a world where plants no longer grow outdoors. When she gets a hint that maybe there’s a place that isn’t barren like her home, she sets out on a journey to find this mythical location. The story revolves tightly around love and loss, found family, and the dangers of a world in which military strength dominates.

Here’s the official blurb:

The oceans rose, plant life withered, and humans could no longer reproduce. Now, years later, Lemy has found evidence of a place impacted only by the ocean rise. But the politics are even more treacherous than they were at home. With only a child to trust, she must navigate this new landscape to keep herself and Sky alive.

Barren will be published in ebook only, and it will be out April 6, but you’ll be able to pre-order it very soon!

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