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“Have You Seen Him?” in Unfixed Timelines 2

Cover of Robert W. Chambers' The King In YellowI’ve had an interest in the King in Yellow of the Lovecraftian Mythos for years, and versions of the King in Yellow have shown up in three of my stories, including “Have You Seen Him?” inĀ Unfixed Timelines 2. In this case, it’s the Yellow Spirit, a demonic entity with whom the protagonist’s father made an incomplete crossroads deal.

For this story, I got to explore the legends of crossroads deals and Black musicians in the South, and combine them with an aspect of the King in Yellow Mythos. “Have You Seen Him?” is probably the King in Yellow story furthest from the canon Mythos, which was somewhat intentional, as I’d already written other King in Yellow stories (including “Tarnish”, which appears in the first volume of Unfixed Timelines).

“Have You Seen Him?” is not a pleasant story. It doesn’t end well for several characters. But if you’re curious to see a slightly altered fantastical history version of the King in Yellow, check it out in Unfixed Timelines 2!

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