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Winter Reads: Twenty Thousand Leagues, Futhermuckers by Matt Youngmark

Cover art for Twenty Thousand Leagues, Futhermuckers

If you’re a fan of young adult books with a whole boatload (tee-hee!) of swearing and classics of literature that have fallen into the public domain, you’re going to want to get your hands on Twenty Thousand Leagues, Futhermuckers by Matt Youngmark. It’s a delightful tale of one Arabella Grimsboro as she journeys through literature (but only that which is in the public domain).

I’m a big fan of Matt’s writing, especially the Arabella books (which I also proofread), and I can assure you that this one is a pure delight, in spite of Jules Verne. And even though there’s no corgi butt on the front cover (or is there?). There’s still plenty of swearing and Arabella being Arabella, which is really all you need.

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