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Learning from Other Authors

CyborgI recently came across a great article by Forrest Brazeal, a relatively new author working in the speculative fiction genre, talking about his experiences writing and publishing short fiction. There’s a lot of fantastic knowledge imparted in this brief article, and it’s interesting to see this topic from the perspective of someone who is new to the publishing world.

One of the bits I found most interesting was him talking about the writing process in relation to what a music teacher had once told him:

I had a music teacher who used to ask: “Did you practice ten hours, or just the same hour ten times?” When I took time to evaluate my work and deliberately build on it, I improved faster than just by vomiting words indiscriminately onto the page.

And while I am the sort of author who writes a lot, I also like to think that I’m building on what I’ve written before, even as I am producing a lot of words!

You can check out the rest of the article on his blog!

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