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Fun for Friday: Drawlloween as Writing Prompts

Mab's Drawlloween 2018Normally, today’s the day when I would post my list of prompts for the month of October. But October is Drawlloween, which is a great month of prompts for artists to draw a spooky thing every day of the month. And I like to use Drawlloween prompts as writing prompts, because I love spooky things!

This list comes from Mab Graves on Instagram, and she’s got a hashtag to go with it (#mabsdrawlloweenclub). I’m going to attempt to write something, either poetry or flash, for each of these things on the appropriate days (or maybe cross stitch or crochet, if the words don’t want to match the prompt). If you want to join me, whether you want to write or draw, check out the hashtag and have a spooky October!

Text version of the list:

  1. Witch
  2. Black Cat
  3. Cryptid
  4. Mushroom
  5. Laboratory
  6. Ghost
  7. Haunted Object
  8. Yokai
  9. Spider Baby
  10. Lagoon (Creature)
  11. Bat
  12. Vampire
  13. Grave/Coffin
  14. Skeleton
  15. Owl
  16. Goblin
  17. Werewolf
  18. Rats
  19. Seance
  20. Serpent
  21. Alien
  22. Pumpkin
  23. Monster (freestyle)
  24. Hunter’s Moon
  25. Dark Forest
  26. Toad
  27. Swamp Thing
  28. Raven
  29. Mary Shelley
  30. Bride
  31. Frankenstein


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