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Anthology Construction

Stacks of booksThe final writing panel that I was on at Norwescon was about anthologies–both editing them and writing for them. I’ve had a number of my short stories published in anthologies, with more scheduled, and I’ve also edited all of theĀ Mad Scientist Journal Kickstartered anthologies.

I shared the panel with K. G. Anderson, Jennifer Brozek, and Jaym Gates. So we all talked a bit about writing for anthologies and editing them.

I have a dim recollection that a lot of what I learned about editing anthologies in terms of story arrangement came from an old blog post of Jennifer’s, but I can’t track it down now. Her advice, though, was quite similar to what Jaym talked about on the SFWA blog several years back. Jaym’s post is a fantastic one for aspiring anthology editors, but it also speaks to authors, in explaining how some editors plot out the order of the stories in a book!

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