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Tool Recommendation: The Reckless Deck

Artwork from Reckless DeckIf you know about my love for random generators, this post will likely come as no surprise to you. For those who prefer their randomness to come from a more tactile source, I cannot recommend the Reckless Deck enough!

I found the Reckless Deck on Kickstarter when they were getting funding for the second installment of the deck. Though it’s advertised as a way for artists to get drawing inspiration, it also works wonderfully for writing inspiration! I needed to create a secondary character for one of my stories recently, and the only thing I knew about that character was that they should have super powers. So I played around with the cards for a while until I had a rough idea of what the character would be.

It’s not an immediate process, and for me it involved shuffling through the cards several times before I got something that stuck, but even the cards that didn’t stick still helped me conjure up all sorts of ideas, and maybe those will find their way into other things, later.

If you love random things and having easy access to a gorgeous set of cards to give you story or art ideas, check out the Reckless Deck and see if it might help your creative endeavors too!

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