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A late recap

I forgot to post my weekly recap on Friday, so here it is today instead! This past week was mostly one for editing and reviewing. The only writing I got done was one section of a short story I was working on, though I’ve decided since that I’m going to shelve that story for a bit. It’s just not flowing like I want it to.

I did some preliminary edits on the first five chapters of my novella, and I made some edits to a short story that I’ve been shopping around for a while now. Hopefully the edits on that will be improvements, and it will find a good home. I also read through a short story for a friend and gave him some feedback, and have been helping with some copy editing for The Mad Scientist Journal. I also wrote another book review, which will be up at Nevermet Press at the end of March, and I’m now chugging along reading the next book in my pile!

I’m hoping to write some this week, and maybe work on some more edits on either the novella or another short story that needs revisions before it goes back out. Fingers crossed!

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