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Story Forge

A friend of mine pointed me in the direction of a Kickstarter for Story Forge. I love Kickstarter in general, but I also love this idea. An 88-card deck designed to help jumpstart your brain for writing, gaming, or whatever else you can think of.

This sort of thing is PERFECT for me. Jeremy likes to tease me about a game that I ran (which was how we met, actually) that I used a random encounter chart for. And no, it wasn’t a D&D game. It was a Werewolf: Wild West game. But although the encounters seemed random (I get a lot of grief for the bell-ringing Baptist), there was something of a point to them. I used the random encounter chart to give me a bit of inspiration, which I could then take and run with. That game only lasted a handful of sessions, but I anticipate that had it continued, I would have ultimately put the random encounter chart aside, and continued to run with some of the plot elements that it had introduced in those early game sessions.

I could see the Story Forge playing a similar role in my writing. I could pull some cards and see what they inspired me to write about. It might be random at first, but in a case where I want to write SOMETHING, it will be enough to trigger some good ideas and get me started. Especially as the year progresses, I suspect I’m going to need more ideas for my Write1Sub1 stories, and the Story Forge would be a good way to generate those.

So if this sounds like something that you could use in your writing, go support the Kickstarter drive for Story Forge. It’s only $25 to receive a deck of the cards when they’re printed. I’m very much hoping that this will get the funding they need, because I’d really like to get my deck!

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