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My publications include both fiction and non-fiction. For my non-fiction writing, please click here.

Short Fiction:


“The Recondite Riddle of the Rose Rogue,” Crossed Genres Magazine 16 (Steampunk) (March 2010).

“Daddy’s Little Girl,” Cobalt City Timeslip (Timid Pirate Publishing, October 2010).

“Green Lung,” published on Associated Content/Yahoo! Voices (October 2010, no longer available online).

“The Recondite Riddle of the Rose Rogue,” republished on Nevermet Press (April 2011). Also included in Stories in the Ether, Issue 1 (for e-readers) from Nevermet Press.

“Unexpected Sparx,” Cobalt City Dark Carnival (Timid Pirate Publishing, November 2011).

“Carnival Heart” (collaboration with Nathan Crowder, Eric Scott de Bie, Rosemary Jones, and Jeremy Zimmerman), Cobalt City Dark Carnival (Timid Pirate Publishing, November 2011).

“The Devil’s Toybox,” Bat Terrier (June 2012, no longer available online).

“Donning the Helm,” In Situ (Dagan Books, July 2012). (out of print)

“Bringing Light to the World,” Fickle Muses (September 2012, no longer available online).

“Fortissimo Possibile,” Oomph! (Crossed Genres Publications, October 2013). (out of print)

“Veli tis Artemidos,” The Big Adios (September 2014).

“A Dark Place,” Fictionvale (December 2014, no longer available online).


“One for Every Year,” Fantastic Stories of the Imagination (March 2015).

“Vodyanoi,” Beyond Science Fiction (May 2015).

“Miasma,” NonBinary Review (June 2015).

“Veli tis Artemidos,” reprinted in Beyond Science Fiction (September 2015).

“Terpsichore,” EGM Shorts (November 2015).

“Origin Story,” Black Girls Magic Lit Mag (January 2016).

“Vodyanoi,” reprinted in Outposts of Beyond (April 2016).

“Salt in Our Veins,” Fae Visions of the Mediterranean (The Future Fire, May 2016).

Donning the Helm,” reprinted at 87 Bedford (May 2016) (audio version).

“A Dark Place,” reprinted in Disturbed Digest (June 2016).

Miasma,” reprinted in Liquid Imagination (August 2016).

“Army of Me,” Untethered: A Magic iPhone Anthology (Cantina Press) (October 2016).

“Nochevieja,” Cobalt City Christmas 2: Christmas Harder (November 2016).

“One for Every Year,” reprinted at Digital Fiction Pub (December 2016).

“The Recondite Riddle of the Rose Rogue,” reprinted in 2017 Young Explorer’s Adventure Guide (Dreaming Robot Press) (December 2016).

“Justice is Blind,” published as part of Bards and Sages Publications’ Society of Misfit Stories series (April 2017).

The Recondite Riddle of the Rose Rogue,” audio version at Gallery of Curiosities (May 2017).

One for Every Year,” podcast at The Centropic Oracle (July 2017).

“Bringing Light to the World,” reprinted in Frostfire Worlds (August 2017).

“Miasma,” reprinted in 2017 Write Well Award anthology (Silver Pen) (September 2017).

“Interlude C: Obstacles and Opportunities” (poem), Write Like You’re Alive 2017 (Zoetic Press) (October 2017)

“The Glorious Dead,” reprinted in The Misbehaving Dead (A Murder of Storytellers) (October 2017).

“Terpsichore,” podcast at Manawaker Studios (November 2017).

“Far From Home,” 2018 Young Explorer’s Adventure Guide (Dreaming Robot Press) (December 2017).


“Salt in Our Veins,” reprinted in Goddesses of the Sea (Fantasia Divinity Magazine) (February 2018).

To Make Haste,” podcast at The Overcast (February 2018).

There are Still Dragons in London, Saint George” (poem), Liquid Imagination (February 2018). (audio and text)

Tarnish,” reprinted in Mirror Dance (March 2018).

“The Glorious Dead,” reprinted in Bards and Sages Quarterly (July 2018).

“Happily Never After,” The Colored Lens (July 2018). (online here)

“Parcel Post,” Frostfire Worlds (August 2018).

“The Cobbler’s Daughter,” MYTHIC Mag (Summer 2018).

“Justice is Blind,” reprinted in The Society of Misfit Stories Presents … Volume 2 (September 2018).

“At Least No One Else Will Suffer,” Factor Four Magazine (October 2018).

“Nochnaya Serenada,” Wild Musette (October 2018).

“The Marvelous Matter of the Mischievous Monkey,” Young Explorer’s Adventure Guide, vol. 5 (December 2018).


Coffin Coffee Table,” The Journal of Compressed Creative Arts (March 2019).

Brick-Red Love,” The Arcanist (April 2019). Also available in The Arcanist: Year Two.

“Princess Last Picked,” Swords, Sorcery, and Self-Rescuing Damsels (April 2019).

“Safe Haven,” Five Minutes at Hotel Stormcove (May 2019).

I Believe,” The Future Fire (May 2019).

“All That Transpires Under the Night Sky,” Bargains (May 2019).

One-Tenth,” Eastern Iowa Review (June 2019).

Hashtag TPE,” Broken Eye Books Patreon/It Came from Miskatonic University (July 2019).

“Despite All My Rage,” A Punk Rock Future (October 2019).

“The Fairest” (poem), Eye to the Telescope (October 2019).

Grandmother Firebird,” Breath and Shadow (October 2019).

Autumn” (haiku), Quatrain Fish (October 2019).

“Definitely Not Haunted” (poem), The Macabre Museum (October 2019).

“The Lovers Across the Strait” (poem), Star*Line (October 2019).

“Far from Home,” reprinted in Frostfire Worlds (November 2019).

Radiance and Obscurity (A Paradelle)” (poem), Liquid Imagination (November 2019). (audio and text)

A Sixteen-Step Plan to Supervillainy,” Flash Fiction Magazine (December 2019).

“Fixer-Upper,” Young Explorer’s Adventure Guide, vol. 6 (December 2019).

“A Pale Imitation,” The Twofer Compendium (December 2019). (me reading this story included in this video)

“The stars fall” (haiku), Frozen Wavelets (December 2019).

“Nochnaya Serenada,” reprinted in Curiosities (December 2019).

The Gift,” The Bronzeville Bee (December 2019).

“For My Sisters, A Bequest,” “Tiny Tornadoes,” “Secret Gladiolus,” and “The Final Winter” (poems), WLYA 2019 anthology (December 2019).

“Earworm,” Space Opera Libretti (December 2019).


“Muss,” Witches, Warriors, and Wyverns (January 2020).

“Play with Us” (poem), Eye to the Telescope (January 2020).

“Motes and Morsels” (poem), Apparition Lit (January 2020).

“Superstitions,” Theme of Absence (January 2020).

“Follow My Lead,” Truancy Magazine (January 2020).

“Dakota Travis, Saurallero Extraordinaire,” Intrinsick (February 2020).

“Just Add Holy Water,” Death’s Sting: Where Art Thou? (February 2020).

Fire Bad,” Page & Spine (March 2020).

Swift Vengeance,” New Myths (March 2020).

Coffin Coffee Table,” podcast at Manawaker Flash Fiction Podcast (March 2020).

To the Underworld” (poem), Abyss & Apex (April 2020).

“Schrodinger’s Tardigrades” (poem), Star*Line (April 2020).

The Sky Rock,” podcast at The Centropic Oracle (April 2020).

“Senchado in Microgravity,” Utopia Science Fiction (April 2020; reprinted in December 2020 issue).

“Charcoals from an Unidentified Chicago Artist,”  Community of Magic Pens (May 2020).

“Fire burning inside” (haiku), Frozen Wavelets (June 2020).

For the Weird Girls Who Want to be Mermaids,” Orca: A Literary Journal (July 2020).

Memorandum from the Panel for the Identification of Consequentially Chosen Youth (PICCY),” Page & Spine (July 2020).

I Believe,” reprinted in Breath and Shadow (July 2020).

Dakota Travis, Saurallero Extraordinaire,” podcast at Manawaker Flash Fiction Podcast (July 2020).

The Dark Forest Takes,” Wyldblood (August 2020).

“Nectar Shortage,” From the Farther Trees (August 2020).

“He Who Is in the Place of Embalming” (poem), The Weird and Whatnot (August 2020).

“Green-Eyed Phantom,” Whigmaleeries & Wives’ Tales (September 2020).

“At What Cost,” House of ZOLO Journal of Speculative Literature, volume 2 (October 2020).

“The Sea Sings Back” (poem), Heroic Fantasy Quarterly (November 2020).

The Wisdom of Leaves” (poem), TERSE (November 2020).

Maija Spencer, Internet Witch,” Page & Spine (November 2020).

A Modern Mary Shelley,” Burial Day Books (December 2020).


“Hearts in Motion,” New Maps (January 2021).

“The Dragon’s Hoard” (poem), Heroic Fantasy Quarterly (February 2021).

Orbit 41,” Reflex Press (February 2021).

Blind Tasting,” Every Day Fiction (March 2021).

“The Fall of the Undying Sailor” (poem), The Common Tongue (March 2021).

Corporate Career Counselling Construct,” podcast at The Centropic Oracle (April 2021).

“Fiddle in the Middle,” MYTHIC Mag (April 2021).

“Vodyanoi,” reprinted in The Chorochronos Archives (April 2021).

“The Garden Trellis” and “Terraformer of Bigotry” (poems), Utopia Science Fiction (April 2021).

Superstitions,” podcast at Manawaker Studios Flash Fiction Podcast (May 2021).

Death, in a Fashion” (poem), just femme and dandy (June 2021).

“Pinnacle” (poem), Songs of Eretz (June 2021).

Wishes without a Birthday Cake,” Land Beyond the World (June 2021).

Amanita,” Flash Point SF (July 2021).

“Terpsichore,” reprinted in Horror for the Throne (July 2021).

“The Message” (poem), Star*Line (July 2021).

Gratitude,” Silver Blade (August 2021).

The Fall of Ocrone,” Martian (August 2021) (also available in the Martian Year 1 anthology).

Twin Suns,” Flash in a Flash (August 2021).

The Turn of the Seasons” (poem), Sylvia Magazine (September 2021).

“Dead Souls,” Cobalt City Dragonstorm (September 2021).

Just Smile,” The Dread Machine (October 2021).

“Fashion Statement,” The Lorelei Signal (October 2021).

“Raindrops in Indra’s Net,” The Colored Lens (October 2021).

“Old Bones” (poem), The Common Tongue (October 2021).

“Vantablack,” 99 Tiny Terrors (October 2021).

“When Science and the Gods Fail,” New Maps (November 2021).

There Is No ‘I’ in Heavenly Host,” Friends Journal (November 2021).

“The Shell Game,” Haven Speculative (November 2021).

“First Rights,” Utopia Science Fiction (December 2021).

Seeds of Knowledge,” Theme of Absence (December 2021).


“Good to the Last Drop,” The Antihumanist (January 2022).

“Slime, or Primordial Ooze?” (poem), Star*Line (January 2022).

Goblin Economics,” Breath and Shadow (January 2022).

“The Toad Catcher’s Wife,” Orca: A Literary Magazine (January 2022).

Turning the Tide,” Daily Science Fiction (January 2022).

“Promises Made,” Glittery Literary Anthology Four (February 2022).

“Twelve Essential Things Found in Commander Scarlett Archer’s Spacesuit Pockets (And Some Which Were Not),” Runs Like Clockwork (February 2022).

Darkened Souls” (poem), microverses (February 2022).

The Fall of Ocrone,” Superfast Stories YouTube Channel (audio and video) (March 2022).

Friday Jones’ Helpful Advice for Preventing Your Super-Genius Roommate from Becoming a Supervillain,” podcast at Manawaker Flash Fiction Podcast (March 2022).

“Elemental Crisis” (poem), Extinction Notice (print / ebook) (March 2022).

“Win-Win Situation,” Punk: Cyber / Bio / Diesel / Steam Punk Tiny Tales (March 2022).

“Here, I Rule” (poem), Not One of Us (April 2022).

Consequence,” Martian (April 2022) (also in Martian Issue 4).

“Little T, Big T,” Grandpa’s Deep Space Diner (April 2022).

Mind the Gap,” Every Day Fiction (forthcoming, April 2022).

Not Their Real Names,” The Arcanist (May 2022).

I Need a Hero,” Theme of Absence (May 2022).

Seven Secrets” (poem), Radon Journal (May 2022).

“Dangers of the Deep,” reprinted in Maelstroms (May 2022).


“Lost in Space” (poem), to be published in Felis Futura (forthcoming, June 2022).

“The Dark Forest Takes,” to be reprinted in Trees (forthcoming, July 2022).

“Memento Mori,” to be published in Queer Weird West Tales (forthcoming, August 2022).

“Easy as a Bag of Cookies,” to be published in Paradoxical Pets (forthcoming, December 2022).

“Under the Bed,” to be published in Cryptids Emerging (YA) (forthcoming, 2022).

“Diamond Snow” (poem), to be published in Frozen Wavelets (forthcoming, 2022).

“The Arroyo Fiasco,” to be published in untitled anthology (forthcoming, 2023).

“Kick in the Door and Improvise,” to be published in Tales from the Magician’s Skull (forthcoming).


Sparx and Arrows, a collection of Cobalt City stories, including “Daddy’s Little Girl” (reprint), “Unexpected Sparx” (reprint), “Red Scare,” “Big in Japan,” and “Blast from the Past” (DefCon One Publishing, December 2015) (also available by subscription at Channillo)

Unfixed Timelines, a collection of alternate history stories, including “Donning the Helm” (reprint), “Veli tis Artimedos” (reprint), “Salt In Our Veins (reprint), “The Glorious Dead,” and “Tarnish,” paired with brief essays on the real history of the settings (DefCon One Publishing, June 2017) (also available by subscription at Channillo)

Volatile Figments, a collection of dark contemporary fantasy stories, including “Miasma” (reprint), “Spirit Week,” “Terpsichore” (reprint), “After School Special,” “One for Every Year” (reprint), and “Justice is Blind” (reprint) (DefCon One Publishing, October 2017)

Heroes of Necessity, a collection of super hero stories, including “Army of Me” (reprint), “Origin Story” (reprint), “Drink Me,” and “Fortissimo Possibile” (reprint) (DefCon One Publishing, December 2017)

Denizens of Distant Realms, a collection of secondary world fantasy stories, including “A Dark Place” (reprint), “We Have Not Always Been Small,” “Stormbringer,” “Dry Spell,” “The Cobbler’s Daughter” (reprint), and “Catch” (DefCon One Publishing, August 2019)

Coast to Coast Stars, a collection of Cerulean City/Cobalt City stories, including “Happily Never After” (reprint), “Say a Little Spell,” “A Pale Imitation” (reprint), “Comeback Tour,” and “A Sixteen-Step Plan to Supervillainy” (reprint) (DefCon One Publishing, June 2020)

What If I’m a Merfolk, a collection of poetry and short stories about merfolk, including 23 poems, plus “For the Weird Girls Who Want to Be Mermaids” (reprint), “Big Fish,” and “Catch” (reprint) (DefCon One Publishing, August 2020)

Unfixed Timelines 2, a collection of alternate history stories, including “Nochnaya Serenada” (reprint), “Have You Seen Him?”, “The Actor-Observer Effect,” “All That Transpires Under the Night Sky” (reprint), “A Balance of Power,” “Parcel Post” (reprint), and “The Dauphin and the Duchess” (poem), paired with brief essays on the real history of the settings (DefCon One Publishing, September 2020) (also available by subscription at Channillo)

Old Legends and New Fables, a collection of stories and poetry inspired by mythology and folklore, including 28 poems, plus “Grandmother Firebird” (reprint), “Follow My Lead” (reprint), “Praxidikai,” “Breathe Deep,” “The Sky Rock” (reprint), and “Swift Vengeance” (reprint) (DefCon One Publishing, May 2021)

Intercity Illusions, a collection of urban fantasy/contemporary fantasy stories, including 5 poems, plus “To Make Haste” (reprint), “Full Weekend Pass,” “Hashtag TPE” (reprint), “Despite All My Rage” (reprint), “Memorandum from the Panel for the Identification of Consequentially Chosen Youth” (reprint), “Maija Spencer, Internet Witch” (reprint), “Fire Bad” (reprint), “I Believe” (reprint), “Brick-Red Love” (reprint), “The Owls Are Gonna Get You,” “Safe Haven” (reprint), “The Gift” (reprint), “Yokai Hunters,” “One, Two, Three, FOUR!,” “A Burrito is Not a Sandwich,” “Blind Tasting” (reprint), and “Kinuyo-yo” (DefCon One Publishing, June 2021)

New Moons Under Which To Sleep, a collection of science fiction stories and poetry, including 6 poems, plus “Vodyanoi” (reprint), “Far from Home” (reprint), “Fixer-Upper” (reprint), “One-Tenth” (reprint), “Earworm” (reprint), “At What Cost?” (reprint), “Senchado in Microgravity” (reprint), “Dakota Travis, Saurallero Extraordinaire” (reprint), and “Orbit 41” (reprint) (DefCon One Publishing, July 2021)

Avatar of Freya, a collection of Cobalt City stories, including “Double Angel,” “Dead Souls” (reprint), “Friday Jones’ Helpful Advice for Preventing Your Super-Genius Roommate from Becoming a Supervillain” (reprint), and “Coffee Shop Canon” (DefCon One Publishing, March 2022)

Doorways in the Gloom, a collection of horror and dark contemporary short stories and poetry, including 12 poems, plus “A Modern Mary Shelly” (reprint), “Coffin Coffee Table” (reprint), “The Thing in the Swamp,” “Dangers of the Deep,” “If the Light is Constant,” “The House Provides,” “Rory,” and “Just Smile” (reprint) (DefCon One Publishing, April 2022)

C. and M. Marsh, Girl Detectives, a collection of middle-grade steampunk short stories, including “The Recondite Riddle of the Rose Rogue” (reprint), “The Magnificent Matter of the Mischievous Monkey” (reprint), and “The Wearisome Worry of the Wily Waif” (forthcoming, DefCon One Publishing, May 2022)

Conceits of Whim and Fancy, a collection of fantasy short stories and poetry (forthcoming, DefCon One Publishing, July 2022)


The Trouble with the Tick-Tock Tabby (middle-grade steampunk mystery) (DefCon One Publishing, July 2016)

Camp Haunt (serial epistolary YA horror) (released three times a week in 2016) (exclusively available by subscription at Channillo)

Cross & Circle (contemporary fantasy) (DefCon One Publishing, August 2017) (also available by subscription at Channillo)

Scenes from a Quiet Apocalypse (experimental post-apocalyptic) (DefCon One Publishing, February 2018)

Spiders of the Shifting Swamp (children’s dark fantasy) (DefCon One Publishing, October 2020)

Sure Shot in Las Capas: The Case of the Absent Star (superhero noir) (DefCon One Publishing, November 2020)

  • Hear me read the first chapter on YouTube! (My reading begins around the halfway point.)

Barren (post-apocalyptic) (DefCon One Publishing, April 2021)


Brass and Glass: The Cask of Cranglimmering (Book One in the Brass and Glass series) (steampunk) (originally published by Razorgirl Press, April 2017; reprinted by DefCon One Publishing, August 2019)

Brass and Glass 2: The Long-Cursed Map (Book Two in the Brass and Glass series) (steampunk) (originally published by Razorgirl Press, May 2018; reprinted by DefCon One Publishing, August 2019)

Brass and Glass 3: The Boiling Sea (Book Three in the Brass and Glass series) (steampunk) (DefCon One Publishing, October 2019)

Promise Me Nothing (young adult contemporary fantasy, stand alone) (DefCon One Publishing, February 2021)


Co-Editor, Mad Scientist Journal, June 2012-present

Co-Editor, That Ain’t Right: Historical Accounts from the Miskatonic Valley (DefCon One Publishing, August 2014)

Co-Editor, Selfies from the End of the World: Historical Accounts of the Apocalypse (DefCon One Publishing, September 2015)

Co-Editor, Fitting In: Historical Accounts of Paranormal Subcultures (DefCon One Publishing, October 2016)

Co-Editor, Utter Fabrication: Historical Accounts of Unusual Buildings and Structures (DefCon One Publishing, September 2017)

Co-Editor, Battling in All Her Finery: Historical Accounts of Otherworldly Women Leaders (DefCon One Publishing, October 2018)

Co-Editor, I Didn’t Break the Lamp: Historical Accounts of Imaginary Acquaintances (DefCon One Publishing, October 2019)

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