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Fun for Friday: September 2021 Writing Prompts

| August 27, 2021

It’s time for the September 2021 writing prompts, as the northern hemisphere slides into autumn. The prompts this month are mostly September-related words, with plenty of random stuff to keep you guessing what you might do with the combination of the three words for each day! You’ll also see lots of things reminiscent of autumn, […]

Fun for Friday: August 2021 Writing Prompts!

| July 30, 2021

It’s the end of July, so it’s time for the August 2021 writing prompts! The words this month come from all over the place, but there are quite a few summer words tossed in to suit the month. You can focus your writing on the dog days of summer or on the fleeting freedom before […]

Fun for Friday: July 2021 Writing Prompts

| June 25, 2021

July is still a few days away, but today’s the day to get your fresh writing prompts for the next month! It’s summer in the northern hemisphere, so we’ve got some July-inspired words, but also a lot of fairly random words. As always, I’ve tried to include some that have more than one potential meaning, […]

Fun for Friday: June 2021 Writing Prompts

| May 28, 2021

June is just around the corner, so it’s time for another month of writing prompts! For this month, the words are drawn from a variety of sources and aren’t necessarily themed toward the month. There are also some fun things tucked in there like “lyrics” and “quote,” which might not mean talking about those things, […]

Fun for Friday: May 2021 Prompts

| April 30, 2021

May is Mermay in the art community, and I like to turn a lot of art prompts into writing prompts. So the first column of this month’s prompts are from the Mermay 2021 list. And while these words are geared toward inspiring artists to draw mermaids, you may come up with different ideas for your […]

Fun for Friday: Superhero Writing Prompts

| April 16, 2021

I’ve got superheroes on my mind lately, as I’ve been working on some Cobalt City stories and proofreading a friend’s Cobalt City-adjacent novella. So for today’s Fun for Friday, check out these superhero writing prompts. They’re in the form of first sentences/paragraphs, so you may want to make some changes to make your story a little […]

Fun for Friday: Fiction Friday Prompts

| April 2, 2021

There are loads of websites that post writing prompts, but I definitely prefer the ones that are geared toward fiction. Fiction Friday is from a few years ago, but there are 39 posts tagged for that topic on the Author Bank website. You could sift through the list to see what grabs your attention, roll […]

Fun for Friday: April 2021 Writing Prompts!

| March 26, 2021

It’s nearly April, and at least in the Northern Hemisphere, it’s springtime (for whatever that means for a given latitude)! The words for this month are a mix of springtime words and other, random words, but hopefully the multiple meanings of some of these words will provide an interesting combination! I’ve also added a photograph […]

Fun for Friday: Friday Five Prompts

| March 19, 2021

I was recently looking for some new writing prompts, and I stumbled across Long and Short Reviews’ Friday Five Prompts. This lists out five word prompts for every Friday in 2021. And while we’re already part of the way through the year, there are still plenty more weeks to enjoy! I love playing with word […]

Fun for Friday: March 2021 Prompts

| February 26, 2021

It’s nearly the beginning of March, so it’s time for another month’s prompts. The words this month are all pretty random, though I suspect you could get some March or spring-inspired pieces out of what I’ve included here. There’s also a photograph of a marching band that you could work in with the other prompts […]