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Show Recommendation: Over the Garden Wall

| November 11, 2020

Our friend Kai mentioned watching Over the Garden Wall every year before Halloween, so Jeremy and I decided to add it to our Halloween watching list. Unsurprisingly, we loved it. It’s dark fantasy with an adorable comic relief character, and it hits just enough of those Ghibli-esque vibes to be poignant and wonderful. It’s technically a […]

Farscape: No One is Nice

| October 9, 2019

We’ve recently finished watching the first season of Farscape, and as we were getting toward the end of the season, a character from earlier on (Gilina) came back. In her previous appearance, she’d helped the crew, but I found myself expecting her to betray them at any moment. I took a step back and thought about […]

Site Recommendation: Just Watch

| April 24, 2019

Over the weekend at Norwescon, I learned about a really useful website for people who like to consume visual media: justwatch.com. Through this site, you can look up a movie or TV show you want to watch and see which streaming sites it’s available on. This is really helpful, since so many folks have multiple […]