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Submissions Tetris Part 4: Simultaneous Submissions

| May 6, 2019

Thus far, I’ve talked about submissions trackers, submissions planning, and submitting reprints. Today, I’m talking about the stickiest submission trick there is: simultaneous submissions. Also known as sim subs, there are a HUGE number of markets that do not allow you to submit a story to them and another market simultaneously. However, there are some […]

Submissions Tetris Part 3: Reprints

| April 29, 2019

So far, I’ve talked about submission trackers and planning submissions. This week, I’m talking about reprint submissions. Most of my inspiration for selling reprints came from two posts I read some years back by Deborah Walker, who is a prolifically published author who makes the most of her reprint rights. You can read those posts […]

Submissions Tetris Part 2: Planning

| April 22, 2019

Last week, I talked about using submissions trackers to keep track of the various submissions I have out at any given time. Today, I’m talking about planning for submissions. When I’ve got a new piece to put into circulation, I generally have a loosely planned out list of markets I want to submit it to. […]

Submissions Tetris Part 1

| April 15, 2019

If you follow my monthly recap posts, you may have noticed that I frequently have a lot of stories in circulation at any given time. Currently, that number is close to 60, though it varies slightly from day to day. As someone who writes a lot of poetry, flash, and short stories, and who wants […]