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Looking at Technology in Fiction through a Different Lens

| February 7, 2022

It’s always interesting to look at the ways in which technology in fiction impacts the stories we tell. This 1986 essay by Ursula K. LeGuin posits the idea that bags, or storage containers in general, are a more significant part of technological advances than most people think, and that by focusing fiction in that direction, […]

Telling a Story Another Way

| June 25, 2018

I recently learned about wooden maps of Greenland’s coastlines, made by the native inhabitants for storytelling rather than navigation. And while I’m pretty sure that most magazines wouldn’t let you submit woodworking as a short story, it does present an interesting lesson for writers nonetheless. Sometimes, the trick to telling a story isn’t to change […]

Stuck in the Middle with You

| May 14, 2018

Last week, I talked about beginnings. Today, I’m thinking about what happens when you get stuck in the middle of the story. Sometimes, my stories grind to a halt around the middle when I’ve been writing for a while. Pinpointing the reason for this isn’t always easy, but for me, at least, I often find […]

“Tarnish” to appear at Mirror Dance

| November 9, 2017

Now that the contract is signed, I can talk about my latest acceptance, which I mentioned in my October 2017 recap. My story, “Tarnish,” will appear in the Spring 2018 issue of Mirror Dance. This story first appeared in Unfixed Timelines as one of my historical fiction stories accompanied by an essay about the real history. The […]

Choosing Titles

| August 7, 2017

Whether you’re writing novels or short fiction, titles are important. For one thing, you need them in order to keep track of your stuff. But you also need them so other people can keep track of your stuff. And while you could just call things “Book 1,” “Book 2,” etc., that’s not really all that […]

“Miasma” now available!

| June 16, 2015

My short story, “Miasma,” is now available from NonBinary Review via the Lithomobilus app. The app is a free download, as is NonBinary Review. My story is a part of the King in Yellow issue, which I’ve been interested in ever since one of my friends used the King in Yellow as an antagonist in one […]