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My Writing Must-Haves

| March 22, 2021

What’s on your writing must-have list? Here’s mine: My laptop. Can’t get very far without it. Because I don’t really take it anywhere aside from the spare bedroom, I have a device that lifts the screen up to eye level when it’s on a table, but that also renders the keyboard difficult to use, so […]

How Do You Use Your Planner Book?

| January 25, 2021

Some recent house cleaning unearthed a couple of my old planner books, which of course led to me flipping through them and seeing how my planner book use has changed over the years. In 2017, I made detailed lists at the beginning of the week that listed what I planned to get done that week, […]

How I Use Stickers for Motivation

| July 13, 2020

I am easily motivated by cute things, and one of my favorite cute things is stickers. I was in grade school through most of the 80s, which meant I was just the right age for the sticker craze. And it occurred to me, as an adult, that now I have my own money and I […]

Stickers as Writing Motivation

| November 12, 2018

I was always a fan of stickers as a reward for good work as a kid, and it turns out that stickers are still a fantastic motivator for me. I joined a sticker club (PipsticksĀ [link is a referral in case you’re interested in getting stickers too!]), which means that I get a ton of stickers […]