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Poetry Form: Waltmarie

| October 25, 2021

One of the things I love about poetry is that new forms can be concocted from just about any idea. I’ve written several poems based on “unofficial” forms that I’ve found online, but many more based on “official” forms. What makes a form “official” vs. “unofficial”? Not much, honestly. But if I can find it […]

September 2021 Story and Poetry Releases

| October 7, 2021

I had two new pieces come out in September. First, my poem “The Turn of the Seasons” was published in Sylvia Magazine. This poem is a double acrostic poem–it’s easy to notice the letters spelling out summer and winter at the beginning of the lines, but the last letter of each line also spells out autumn […]

Poetry Form: Erasure

| September 27, 2021

Erasure poetry is one of the formats that I’ve never quite been able to get to work well, but it’s still a fascinating form. It’s sometimes called blackout poetry, in that you black out the words that you’re not using, like in a redacted report. Typically, when the poetry includes the black boxes, it’s a […]

Poetry Form: Cento Sonnet

| August 30, 2021

Earlier this month, I talked about sonnets not being quite as difficult as they’d originally seemed to me. And quite some time ago, I explained the cento. But what if you mash them together? Recently, I constructed a cento sonnet, which took lines from existing sonnets and rearranged them together into a cento, which used […]

Story and Poem Out Recently!

| August 5, 2021

I’ve had a story and a poem out within the past month! “Terpsichore” was reprinted in Horror for the Throne, which is a collection of very short horror and dark reads. My story involves a dance instructor, a candlelit dance studio, and a “muse” who might not be what she seems. My poem, “The Message,” […]

Poetry Form: Sonnet

| August 2, 2021

The sonnet is a poetry form that has intimidated me for a long time. I’m not great at poems that rhyme or have a tightly prescribed meter. And anyway, Shakespeare, right?! He was so good at sonnets, how can anyone else compare? Turns out, Shakespearean sonnets are but one of the possible forms of sonnets. […]

Defending Home in What If I’m a Merfolk?

| July 29, 2021

One of the themes that runs through a number of the pieces in What If I’m a Merfolk? is the idea of merfolk defending their home. While the ocean is vast and has plenty of hiding places for creatures like merfolk, it’s still important to them to defend their territory from things like incursions of humans […]

My Sci-Fi Publications

| July 27, 2021

Although I’ve published a lot of books, there’s only one sci-fi book in the mix, and it’s the most recent one! New Moons Under Which to Sleep is a collection containing previously published sci-fi short stories, flash fiction pieces, and a couple of poems, joined by a couple of poems that were new to the collection. […]

Have You Checked Out Intercity Illusions?

| July 22, 2021

Have you had a chance to check out Intercity Illusions? Cities are filled with the strange and unusual, especially when you add the supernatural to them. This book collects urban fantasy stories and poetry highlighting the abnormal goings-on across myriad cityscapes. These tales will leave you wondering what is real and what is merely an illusion. […]

New Moons Under Which to Sleep Out Today!

| July 20, 2021

Today’s the day! My first ever book of science fiction stories, New Moons Under Which to Sleep, is out! This collection is an interesting one, as I don’t typically consider myself a sci-fi author. However, every story in this collection has been previously published! So I guess maybe I’ve written a few sci-fi stories after all! […]