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Fun for Friday: Haunted Images

| October 15, 2021

It wouldn’t be October without some spooky image prompts, now would it? The first image is of a person wearing a hooded coat and carrying a backpack standing on a tree-lined road that leads to a large, old house, with a full moon overhead. It’s a nighttime scene in blueish shades. The second image is […]

Fun For Friday: Images on a Theme

| September 24, 2021

This week has three images on a theme of blues and purples. The first photograph depicts a collection of brightly colored houses, bounded by a body of water and two hillsides, both of which are covered in trees. The hillside upon which the houses rest has a consistent pine forest look, while the trees on […]

Fun for Friday: Warm and Homey?

| September 17, 2021

This week, I’ve got a few images that feel a bit warm and homey to me. The first image is a photo of the interior of a fairly standard coffee shop. The room has a few wooden tables surrounded by wooden chairs, and then has taller wooden chairs at the edge of the room, where […]

Fun for Friday: More Random Images

| September 10, 2021

This week, I’ve got a few more random images, with a theme of golds and greens. The first image is a photograph of a pineapple, showing about 2/3 of the body of the pineapple and all of the leaves at the top. There is a wooden fence in the background and snow on the ground […]

Fun for Friday: A Few Random Things

| September 3, 2021

This week’s Fun for Friday is a few random images that I’ve picked out, this week on a theme of black, white, and red. The first image is a black and white photograph of a small building that seems to serve as a general store. There are two male-presenting people posing in front of the […]

Fun for Friday: Water Images!

| August 13, 2021

This week’s photo prompts are based on a search related to water, which seems like a nice thing as the summer continues on! The first image depicts a person in a bridal gown with a very long veil standing beside a placid swimming pool, with the water reflecting the person. The sky is blue, and […]

Fun for Friday: Three Summery Images!

| July 23, 2021

For this week’s Fun for Friday, I’ve got a handful of summer photographs, all of which have a bit of a vintage look to them. The first image is a field of very small lavender flowers that appear to be on an uphill slope. Above, the sky is blue with puffy white clouds. The second […]

Fun for Friday: Three Mismatched Images

| July 9, 2021

This week’s Fun for Friday is a collection of three images that really don’t go together. Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to write something that includes something from the three images. Feel free to interpret them as you see fit! The first image is a closeup of a dragonfly in flight, […]

Fun for Friday: Three Beautiful Images

| June 11, 2021

It’s time for some beautiful images to inspire your writing. The first photo is of a pagoda building in a lush green setting, with mist and a narrow waterfall in the background. The second photo is a silhouetted person at twilight (or sunrise) reaching upward for a very slender crescent moon. The third photo is […]

Fun for Friday: Visual Writing Prompts with Extras

| May 21, 2021

Sometimes you see a great image prompt, but it gives you almost too many potential ideas. That’s why something like this page of visual writing prompts with brief suggestions of what’s going on and some questions your story might answer can be helpful. This particular batch is meant for classroom use, but that doesn’t mean […]