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Fun for Friday: Hearts and Sunsets

| May 15, 2020

For this week’s Fun for Friday photo prompts, we’ve got a mix of hearts and sunsets. The first photo is a pink heart on a black background. The right hand side of the heart is transforming into zeroes and ones. The second photo is a person with long dark hair, wearing a hat and scarf, […]

Fun for Friday: Dreamy Images

| April 24, 2020

Today’s three images started with the word “dream,” and they somehow all ended up being things in the sky. The first image has a soft pink sky with a pair of floating islands, one larger and one smaller, connected by a bridge. There’s a large earthen hoop holding up a crescent moon shape, with a […]

Fun for Friday: Three Images for Inspiration

| April 10, 2020

For this week’s three image collection, we’ve got a couple of stars in space, with the background in black and magenta. We’ve got a silhouette of a cat sitting on a tree branch with a blue and purple starry background (and there are some leaves or maybe birds flying away from the branch). And we’ve […]

Fun for Friday: Three Tenuously Linked Photos

| March 13, 2020

They may not seem it, but these photos are tenuously linked to one another. Even if you don’t know the connection, though, they could lead to an interesting story. The first photo is of a street parade with dragon and lion puppets/costumes. The second is of a beat-up red USB stick on a red glossy […]

Fun for Friday: Things and Stuff in Pictures

| February 14, 2020

This week, it’s another bunch of somewhat random images to inspire your writing. First, we have a car driving through an area with some leafless trees, with high water on either side of a narrow road, and possibly overtaking the road. The second image is three long, narrow spools of thread, in pale green, white, […]

Fun for Friday: A Three Image Prompt

| January 24, 2020

It’s time for another batch of image prompts! This week, we’ve got a person with white hair whose face is not visible holding a smooth hearing aid between two fingers. We’ve also got a pair of statues that depict a bald person facing generally toward the left with armor covering their mouth and a person […]

Fun for Friday: Three Winter Images

| January 10, 2020

Time for another three images for inspiration! This week, they’re winter related or adjacent. The first photo shows a squirrel with something in its mouth. The squirrel is lightly dusted with snow, standing on slightly disturbed snow. The second photo shows a rock with a number of long cracks/splits in its surface, from a thaw/freeze […]

Fun for Friday: Three Really Random Images

| December 13, 2019

Today’s batch of three random images is extra random, seeing as I didn’t use any search terms to find them. But we’ve got a lovely coffee shop environment with no patrons, a mismatched gray brick/stonework pattern, and a knife stabbing what I think is a nectarine or an apricot … one of those stone fruits […]

Fun for Friday: Three Random Photos

| November 22, 2019

Today’s image selection is super random. We’ve got a knotted piece of blue cord, a badger on a walk, and a pocket watch with leaf wings surrounded by stars. Go forth and write things!

Fun For Friday: Three Autumn Images

| November 8, 2019

It’s time for another photo writing prompt, and as we ease into November, I thought some lovely autumn photos might do the trick. Of course, if you look at them in a certain way, this could also be creepy, especially the house in the last photo. The first photo is leaf-strewn stone stairs, with a […]