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Fun for Friday: Photos of the Distance

| April 9, 2021

This week’s three images are all taken from an interesting perspective that’s more about what’s in the distance. With each of these questions, you can ask what’s in the distance, what the perspective is moving toward, or whether that perspective is just looking back at what it’s left. The first image is a pair of […]

Fun For Friday: Poisonous Prompts?

| March 12, 2021

It’s time for more image prompts, and this week, I started with a theme of “poison room”. But I’d say that the results diverged a bit from that. The first image is a small, capped, brown medicine bottle marked with a skull and crossbones, on a pale orange patterned surface and in front of a […]

Fun for Friday: Images of the Coming Spring

| February 12, 2021

Today, we’ve got some images around a theme of spring, though in a variety of different ways to make them inspire writing that doesn’t necessarily have to do with the change of seasons. The first image is of a castle in Prague, though the castle is in the background and intentionally blurred, to focus on […]

Fun for Friday: Three Images of Renewal

| January 15, 2021

For this Friday, we’ve got three images on a renewal theme, but as you use them as inspiration for your writing, feel free to take them in different directions. The first image is thin, brightly colored curved lines that look like they could be a close-up image of a Slinky or curled tinsel. They vaguely […]

Fun for Friday: Seeing Things in Clouds

| December 25, 2020

This week, I’ve got some images of clouds for the photo prompts. People have long been seeing other things when they look at the clouds, so see what you see in these clouds, and base your story or poetry on that. The first photo is of Foehn clouds, which are also known as lenticular clouds. […]

Fun for Friday: All a Simulation? (Image Prompts)

| December 11, 2020

It’s time for some more image prompts, and today’s seem to be along a theme of a simulation … or are they? The first image is a detail photo of a gray stone castle with colloquially called “murder holes” on the wall, against a mostly cloudy sky. The second image is an illustration of a […]

Fun for Friday: Dark Fantasy Images

| November 13, 2020

This week’s images might lend themselves well to a dark fantasy story, but perhaps you’ll see them in a different light! The first image is a moonlit night with a misty forest backdrop, and a wooden cabin with cobblestone chimney on the edge of a body of water. There is one light on in the […]

Fun for Friday: Architectural Images?

| October 23, 2020

This week’s images are mostly based on architectural things, except maybe that last one. The first image is a tall, slender white building atop a hill. The structure of the building looks as though it is twisted in a counterclockwise direction when facing it, and it gives the impression of a unicorn’s horn emerging from […]

Fun for Friday: Three Images on a Theme

| October 9, 2020

For this week’s Fun for Friday with images, I’ve got three images that sort of fit together better than some might. The first image is a lone figure in a small boat on a fairly calm body of water with a gray sky and another boat in the distance that is following a small wake. […]

Fun for Friday: Possibly Linked Images?

| September 11, 2020

This week, I’ve got three photos that I can see an easy link between. But you might come up with a different way of looking at them! The first photo is whitecaps on a bit of ocean. The second photo is a person who is out of focus climbing a natural rock wall along a […]