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An Offer for New Patreon Backers

| October 26, 2017

Have you checked out my Patreon recently? No? What’s keeping you? If it sweetens the pot, here’s a little deal for you! Any new backers who pledge at the $3 a month or higher level before October 31st will get a copy of my latest collection,¬†Volatile Figments. This already went out to my existing backers, […]

Have You Checked Out My Patreon?

| August 24, 2017

Have you checked out my Patreon lately? I’ve added a few new goals, so if you haven’t stopped by lately, now is a great time to do so! Patreon is awesome, and here’s a post at Uncanny Magazine by my friend Liz talking about why she thinks Patreon is so great! I’m currently posting weekly […]

My Patreon

| July 11, 2017

Did you know that I have a Patreon to let my fans help me create more fiction? Check it out here! Any level of support gets you access to behind the scenes looks at what I’m working on. Higher levels, of course, give you more. There¬†are even levels at which you can get hand crocheted […]