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Idea Tracking for Authors

| January 11, 2021

If you’re like me, you may often have more ideas than you know what to do with, and not enough time to implement them. But equally important to time for implementation is a method of tracking those ideas that works for you. I keep my ideas in a lot of places: I’ve got a tag […]

When Busy Turns to Juggling Knives

| August 12, 2019

I’m currently working on a lot of projects, some of which I haven’t even had time to mention on this blog. This has taken me from being busy (my normal state) to a point very near to what I like to call “juggling knives.” I use the phrase in the context of it being a […]

Running with What Life Throws at You

| November 26, 2018

If you’ve been reading my blog for any length of time, you might have noticed that I’m very organized and have pretty set routines. Last week was Thanksgiving, which meant houseguests (my sister and her boyfriend arrived on Tuesday and left Friday morning), a day off work, and otherwise abnormal plans. And then I had […]

Keeping Track of Story Ideas

| September 11, 2017

My friend Nate has a Field Notes notebook obsession. He is never without at least one of them, and often has several of them between his pockets and bag. More than a couple of times, he’s grabbed one, flipped it open, said, “no, it’s not in this one,” and had to go hunting for another […]

My Giant Spreadsheet of Doom, Part 3

| July 17, 2017

(For the first two posts in this series, click here (1) and here (2).) The image here is a little on the fuzzy side, but since what I’m talking about today is more about the shape of things than the details, I think it’ll work out fine. You can also click on it if you […]

My Giant Spreadsheet of Doom, Part 2

| July 10, 2017

(For the first details on my giant spreadsheet of doom, click here.) Last time, I talked about how the rows on my giant spreadsheet of doom worked for planning out my various projects. Now, we’re looking at how I use the columns. As I mentioned before, each column represents a week, with my weekly calendar […]

My Giant Spreadsheet of Doom, Part 1

| July 3, 2017

For several years now, I’ve been using a giant spreadsheet of doom to keep myself on track in terms of all of my writing projects. Because it sometimes comes up when talking with other writers, about how I keep myself organized, or how I get so much done, I thought I’d give you all a […]

Jumping on the Kanbanpad wagon

| April 4, 2012

Last week, I spotted a tweet from Carrie Cuinn about Kanbanpad as an organizational tool. I’m a sucker for organizational tools, so I hopped on over to her blog post to read about it. She, in turn, had gotten her inspiration for using Kanbanpad for a writing organizational tool from John Remy. I liked what […]