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“Praxidikai” in Old Legends and New Fables

| September 16, 2021

“Praxidikai” is one of the stories in Old Legends and New Fables that really spans both parts of the collection’s title. It’s a modern story that features a reinterpreted version of an old legend, living in modern times. I can’t say too much about who that is without giving away the ending, unfortunately. But it’s in […]

“Follow My Lead” in Old Legends and New Fables

| August 19, 2021

Whenever something comes up about “you know you’re in a specific author’s story when,” I generally have two answers. One of them is “you know you’re in a Dawn Vogel story when there are things in the water that want you dead.” “Follow My Lead” in Old Legends and New Fables is sort of one […]

“Grandmother Firebird” in Old Legends and New Fables

| July 13, 2021

My story “Grandmother Firebird” was originally written for an online contest. It’s been long enough ago that I don’t recall what the prompt for the story was, or how I got from point A to point B in terms of writing this story. But I definitely loved this story from the beginning, as it’s one […]

Have You Checked Out Old Legends and New Fables?

| June 17, 2021

Have you had a chance to check out Old Legends and New Fables yet? It’s got a wide variety of poetry and a handful of short stories, and the topics wind their way through familiar and unfamiliar mythology, legend, and other stories. Here’s the blurb for the book: The gods of old have become stories, as […]

Cover Reveal and Pre-Order Available for Old Legends and New Fables

| April 22, 2021

Continuing on with my many publications in 2021, today I’m both revealing the cover for Old Legends and New Fables, and letting you know that it’s available for pre-order! This collection primarily collects poetry related to the mythology and other stories of a multitude of cultures, with a handful of stories. The gods of old have […]