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March 2022 Publications

| April 7, 2022

I’ve had a bunch of publications in March, and all of them are smaller pieces! “The Fall of Ocrone” was published in Martian last year, but recently, the Superfast Stories YouTube Channel produced an audio and video version of my story! It’s a quick sci-fi listen/watch (it’s only 100 words), and I love how it […]

March 2022 Recap

| April 5, 2022

By the numbers: Stories out at the beginning of the month: 119 Acceptances received: 4 Rejections received: 72 Stories withdrawn: 0 Resubmissions: 87 New Submissions: 10 Stories out at the end of the month: 137 Things picked up a bit in March, both in terms of what I got done and how many submissions I […]

Fun for Friday: March 2022 Writing Prompts

| February 25, 2022

We’re reaching the end of February; as the shortest month, it almost always seems to fly past. In the Northern Hemisphere, it also means we’re gradually escaping the cold and gloom of the winter months, as we approach the beginning of spring in late March. March is also exciting to me because it’s my birthday […]

March 2021 Recap

| April 8, 2021

By the numbers: Stories out at the beginning of the month: 213 Acceptances received: 3 Rejections received: 125 (+22) Stories withdrawn: 4 Resubmissions: 85 New Submissions: 4 Stories out at the end of the month: 154 The numbers are a little lower than normal in some places this month. Lots of rejections, along with a […]

Fun for Friday: March 2021 Prompts

| February 26, 2021

It’s nearly the beginning of March, so it’s time for another month’s prompts. The words this month are all pretty random, though I suspect you could get some March or spring-inspired pieces out of what I’ve included here. There’s also a photograph of a marching band that you could work in with the other prompts […]

March 2020 Recap

| April 2, 2020

By the numbers: Stories out at the beginning of the month: 144 Acceptances received: 3 Rejections received: 68 Stories withdrawn: 2 (+3) Resubmissions: 119 New Submissions: 3 Stories out at the end of the month: 186 Rejections are even slower this past month than they were in February, and I’m not sure if that should […]

Fun for Friday: March 2020 Writing Prompts

| February 28, 2020

We’re already to the end of a long February, so it’s time for the March writing prompts! I’ve got themed and non-themed prompts mixed in this year! You could also integrate the photo I’ve included with this post as a part of your prompt. This month, it’s flowers that look like they’re made of glass, […]

Fun for Friday: March 2019 Writing Prompts

| March 1, 2019

It’s time once again for the monthly writing prompts. I’ve done things a little differently for this month, as I’ve relied on a random word generator for the word choices. This means they won’t necessarily be spring themed, but if you want an extra challenge, use each of these words in a spring-themed piece. Check […]

Fun for Friday: March Writing Prompts

| February 23, 2018

It’s nearly March (can you believe it?!), so here are my March writing prompts. The themes this month are mostly applicable to the northern hemisphere, as spring is on the way! But there are a few other oddities tossed into the mix. Here’s the text version! Lion Melt Green Blossom Nest Rain Worm Charm Umbrella […]